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Dunns Creek State Park & Conservation Area



About Us

6,200 acres of pristine land and water south of a sharp bend in the St. Johns River with Hiking, Biking, Paddling & Equestrian trails.

Dunns Creek State Park is more about the uplands between the bend, with steephead ravines, scrub forests, and rolling sandhills. It’s botanically important as the home of at least eight healthy populations of rare Etonia rosemary (Conradina etonia), found in only one other place in the world, on the far side of Palatka.

Walking along a sand road crunching oak leaves underfoot like cornflakes, you’d hardly believe Dunns Creek State Park is along a bend in the St. Johns River. But it’s easy to miss the state’s biggest river when you have 6,200 acres to roam.

Conservation Area



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